1. Daddy’s Surprise - Harry Styles Dirty Imagine (This isn’t mine , but when I read it I died inside and I thought you guys might like it so here :)

    Harry was dreading going home, he wasnt in the mood to deal wth his 15 year old daughters temper tantrums. For the last 3 days since his ex had just left his daughter with him while she took off with her newest man, (Y/N) had driven him crazy with her loud music and her constant whining. “you dont let me do anything!” ”why cant i go out with my friends?” Harry was having no luck, dumped by his girlfriend a week ago and laid off from work today. He was in no mood for his daughters attitude today. Harry grabbed his things from the car, slammed the door and practically stomped up the steps to his condo. He needed hard liquor he thought as he inserted his key through the lock. He stopped dead in his tracks and his eyes widened as he took in the sight of his 16 year old daughter, very naked, laying on the couch with her legs spread wide while Jason, the lowlife punk from next door was sucking wildly on her clit. (Y/N’s) eyes were closed and she was moaning loudly. “Ooooh yeah, ooh thats so good. God it feels soooo good” She said as she ground her near bald pussy against his mouth. ”You like that baby” he said as he sucked harder on her virgin pussy. “Well just wait till i pop your cherry and then fuck the shit out of you” Harry stood there shaking with anger, but he was rooted to his spot. He was amazed at how responsive his little girl was. She threw her head back, pinched her own tits and pushed her hips harder to him. “OOhh yes, god yes i want that” (Y/N) moaned as she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes widened as they fell on the angry face of her fathers. She quickly covered her budding breasts, but she didnt try pushing Jason away. Tears of shame ran down her cheeks, yet she couldnt stop Jason who was furiously rubbing and sucking on her clit. Jason was so absorbed in eating her pussy that he didnt notice anything. (Y/N) was almost there, as she stared at her father who grew more furious as the seconds passed. Why wasnt he doing something she thought, as she bit her lip to keep from crying out. She was going to cum, with her father watching she thought as the moan escaped her lips as her orgsam started, then stop! Something snapped in Harry at the sight of seeing his baby girl almost cum. (Y/N’s) eyes widened and she screamed as her dad suddenly ripped Jason up and threw him to the floor. ”How about i fuck the shit out of you huh, you little punk” he gritted as he hurled Jason to his feet. (Y/N) screamed and tried to run to her room but her dad quickly grabbed her and threw her to the couch. “And where the fuck do you think your going you little slut? I am not fucking done with you yet” he scowled. Jason used this interruption to pick up what he could of his clothes and ran out the door. (Y/N) was terrified, her dad had always been so calm and gentle, she had never seen him like this, not even after the messy divorce with her mum. She did the only thing she thought would help, beg for forgiveness. “Im so sorry dad. I i dont know what came over me. I never do anything like this. Please, i am so sorry.” She begged as she sobbed loudly. Harry didnt know what had come over him, he could see her lips moving but he heard nothing. All he saw was his naked and extremely sexy teen daughters body ready to be fucked before him. He has had a rough couple of weeks and deserved a treat he thought, and (Y/N) was it. (Y/N) continued to sob, lowering her head in shame. Harry unbuttoned his shirt and quickly removed it. He was horny as hell and pissed off. He knew (Y/N) was wet, and that tiny pussy was going to be his oasis. She was still talking, but he was deaf to whatever she was saying. He noticed that pouty lips, swollen from harsh kisses, and her tiny tits swollen and covered in love bites. Harry felt himself getting angry again. “3 days! That is how long you have been here! 3 days and you already have some punk snacking on your pussy like your a certified slut like your mother!” he roared as he unzipped and removed his pants. (Y/N) heard his zipper undo and lifted her tear streaked face. Harry stood in his boxer shorts with his tattooed covered biceps bulging and his tight chest on full display. (Y/N) ever realised how big her dad was, or how hot he looked until now, and she was trembling. She began to sob loudly but in 2 giant steps, Harry grabbed her 5 feet frame. “Crying doesnt work in me now honey, so dont even think about it! What you thought that you were grown huh? is that it? Your a big girl now?” he said as he started pinching her tiny nipples. ”You want to act like a big girl?” he said as he slapped her ass and squeezed her cheek. “Then i will treat you like a big girl!” he growled as he pulled off his boxer shorts. (Y/N’s) eyes widened at the size of his manhood and she quickly ran down the hall. Harry grabbed her before she could get to the saftey of her room and pushed her against the wall, reaching between her legs and stroking her already wet pussy. ”Hmm is daddys little slut ready for some cock huh, look how wet your little pussy is” He said as he flicked her clit with one hand and cupped her tiny tits with the other. ”I am going to tear that sweet little pussy of yours” He said as he lifted her ass up and pushed all 7 inches of his thick cock inside her little pussy, tearing her hymen in one sharp movement. (Y/N) creamed out in pain as her dads big cock violated her virgin pussy again and again. “Your a big girl now!” Harry growled as he bit into her neck and drilled her tight pussy. “How does it feel huh?” he mocked as he continued to fuck her hard. (Y/N) sobbed loudly at her fathers harsh punishment, her pussy was so sore, but her dad didnt seem to care, he crushed her against the wall and increased his speed as her tight pussy loosened just a little. The slooshy sounds and her whimpers turned him on even more and soon he was drilling her like a maniac as he groaned loudly. “Oh your so fucking tight! God (Y/N) yout pussy is so fucking good! You like that huh, cant handle it can you?” he laughed as he furiously rubbed her clit. (Y/N)was starting to burn, somehow pleasure started to take over, and the pain was starting to feel good, really good she thought as she bit her lip to keep from moaning. Harry was in fucking heaven! Fuck his ex girlfriend, fuck his ex wife, and fuck his job he thought as he continued to fuck this 16 year olds sweet pussy. (Y/N’s) ussy was his gold, and he needed better access to it he thought as he bent her over, grabbed her hips as he forced her on and off his huge cock. (Y/N)couldnt hold it in anymore, “Oohhhh mmmmhhhh” She moaned as pleasure took over. Hearing his little girl moan, encouraged Harry on, and he fucked her faster as he smirked in satisfaction. Pulling her long brown hair back, he groaned, “You like this huh?” (Y/N’s) only response was a moan. He slapped her ass, gaining a little squeal from his daughter. “Answer me NOW, you like this don”t you? Tell me how much you love my cock” Harry watched in amusement as (Y/N) fucked herself on his cock, holding the wall for dear life. “OHH yes dad I love it! It feels so good. I love you cock.” (Y/N) screamed. “You want to cum huh baby, you want to cum on your daddys cock?” he asked, slapping her ass once again. â”Mmmm yes, I want to cum dad. God Im so close.” (Y/N) sobbed. Harry pulled out and flipped her over on her back to face him. He lift her leg, entering her hard, smirking as (Y/N) gasped loudly at the sudden intrusion. “I want to see your face when you cum” He says, as he kissed his daughter as a lover for the first time. (Y/N) kissed his shyly at first, then as the pleasure grew more intense she kissed him with more passion. Never before had a kiss been more perfect, thought (Y/N). Harry sucked on her tongue and fed her his which she gladly accepted. No corners of her mouth went unexplored as he continued to milk her tongue and nibble on her lips, the kiss threatened to push (Y/N) over the edge. (Y/N’s) thighs quivered and she moaned loudly as her orgasm neared. “Ohh dad!! Yes thats it, Im so close to cumming make me cum dad!” she screamed. Harry’s orgasm was nearing too, he ground his hips and thrust deeper. “Ohhh your pussy feels so good baby, you going to cum for me huh, cum like a big girl for your daddy” he said as he grabbed her tiny hips, thrusting faster and faster. “Call me daddy baby” he moaned as he bit her lower lip. (Y/N) held on for dear life and shrieked on the top of her lungs as she hit her climax. “Mmmmmhh ohhhh DADdDYYYYYY iM cumming!!!!” Harry quickly pressed his hand over her mouth, he couldnt risk anyone hearing her screaming. A few more deep thrusts into his daughters slick pussy and he hunched over, groaning louding. “MMM take daddys cum baby like a big girl” he moaned as he spilled his warm seed into her sopping wet pussy. (Y/N) gasped and cooed as the warm liquid ran into her satisfied cunt and ran down his ass. Harry lent over his daughter, resting his head on her little tits, his cock still deeply planted inside her. (Y/N) look at her handsome father through adoring eyes as tears ran down her face. ” I didnt mean to hurt you, I just couldnt help myself”Harry whispered only to be interrupted by the thrust of his daughters tongue in his mouth, He gladly indulged on this sweet treat and sucked on her toungue. The kiss seemed to last forever Harry caressed her body and cupped her ass in his hands. (Y/N) suddenly broke the kiss as her eyes widened in amazement, her dads cock was hardening inside her, again. “You didnt think I was done with you yet, did you baby?” he asked with a cheeky smirk on his face. Harry rolled his daughter on top on him, making her tiny tits accessible to his mouth. He sucked one, then the next as (Y/N) moaned and ground her pussy on his now rock hard cock. “Yeah baby girl, thats it. Ride your daddys hard cock. Hmmm yes its all hard for you baby.” He said as he returned his mouth to feast on her tits. Harry noticed the tiny love bites from her earlier encounter and sucked harder and harder. Jealousy kicked in and all he wanted was for his daughter to wear his mark, not some pimple faced punk. “oww daddy not so hard, its hurts.” She said, wiggling a bit to try to dislodge her tit from his mouth, but it only made him bite down and suckle harder. He held her torso with one arm and switched from one breast to the next, ignoring her protest. Harry pushed his cock faster to her pussy, forcing her to ride him faster and harder, just how he liked it. Harry lent back and admired his work, her nipples were red and swollen with HIS mark now, no trace of the little punk at all. He grabbed her face, and held it inches from his, “Im sorry baby, I got so jealous seeing his bite marks on my little girls tits, only Im allowed to do that baby” he said, pushing his tongue in her mouth. “Mmmm daddy” she moaned as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Harry wanted to fuck her pussy raw, so he pulled her off his cock, positioned her on her hands and knees in front of him. Before (Y/N) could catch her breath, he pushed his cock with butal force inside her, grabbing her hips and holding himself deep in her pussy. “Oh oh oh oh ohhhhh godddd!!!!”she screamed as he continued to drill her dripping pussy. Harry growled like a beast and slapped her ass, leaving his handprint behind. He always has an insatiable appetite for sex, and he loved it rough, that was always the problems with his past relationships. He could never find a woman that would put up with his needs, and now his poor daughter had to put up with all the pent up frustration. He felt bad, he really did, but her pussy felt like liquid gold around his cock and he couldnt stop even if his life depended on it. Harry grabbed her by the hair and did as he promised before he started fucking her, he tore her sweet pussy to shreds. (Y/N’s) pussy was on fire and tears ran down her face as pleasure crashed through her body over and over. She experienced one orgasm after another, yet her dad never lost his stride. She was beginning to think it would never end, she wasnt too sure she ever wanted it to end. “OHHH hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDYYYYYYYYY” She screamed as she came once more, gripping his cock as she squirted her sweet juices all over his cock. “Ohh fuck youre a squirter baby, hmmm let me make that pussy squirt again baby, I want to see” Her dad said as he spread her cheeks and drilled her even more for a repeat of her last performance. Harry roaned as his pleasure built, “Mmm I love your fucking pussy, my fucking pussy now, isnt it baby?” he asked as his cock twitched. He slapped her ass and yelled, “Answer me (Y/N) who does this pussy belong to from now on baby, whos it is?”. (Y/N) couldnt take any more pleasure, as she felt her orgasm force its way to the surface. “Yours” she whispered, as her eyes rolled back. All she could hear was the slap slap slap slap of her daddys balls slapping her clit over and over as he pounded her pussy faster. Harry lapped her ass once more,”louder baby, who do you belong to forever?” he asked. “YOU, you, you, you all you daddy. My pussy is only ever yours!” she screamed while squirting once again all over her daddys cock. That was enough to send Harry over the edge groaning loudly in his daughters ear. “OHhhhh (Y/N) mmmm fuck yesssss” as he spilled his seed into her belly in a few deep strokes. Harry laid back, with (Y/N) laying on his chest, while he stroked her sweat-damped hair. “Oh god baby, yours so good. You have the tightest pussy I have ever felt. God I want you always” he moaned. “I want you too daddy, can I stay forever with you” she cooed to him. Harry lent down and kiss his daughters head,”Of course you can (Y/N) but not as my daughter, as my girlfriend, would you like that baby?” he asked. (Y/N) giggled, and slowly rotated her hips over her daddys slightly limp cock, “If I say yes, will fuck me again now daddy and every day always” Harry lent down and kissed her, feeling his cock harden at the thought of forever in his baby girls pussy.

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