1. Zayn Malik Dirty imagine

    You were all at Liam’s house and you and Zayn were sitting on the couch all cuddled up. You were just sitting there until his hand went to the inside of your thigh. You looked at him and he had a very cheeky but hot smirk plastered to his face as he slowly moved his hand up your thigh. As his hand got to where you wanted him but at the same tome didn’t you swatted his hand away. He laughed and put his hand at the waist line of your sweats. He slowly moved his hand inside the trousers and your underwear ”Zayn what are you doing not here” you said to him ”Nobody will notice” he whispered back to you and started rubbing your clit. You bit your lip trying to hold back a moan. ”c’mon Blair please?” he said ”Zayn N-” As you were about to finish speaking he pushed two fingers you. You shut your mouth so a moan wouldn’t come out and laid your head on Zayn’s chest. He added another finger and you whispered in his ear ”I’m pretty sure Liam won’t like it if I come on his couch” and got up from the couch and walked towards the bathroom after about 5 minutes you heard Zayn say ”I better go and check on her” and make his way to the bathroom he knocked on the door ”babe open up” and with that you opened up and grabbed him by his shirt dragging him in the bathroom. You kissed him roughly and dragged his sweats and boxers to his ankles and he did the same with your sweats and underwear. He lined himself up and pushed into you giving you a little time to adjust to his size. When you nodded he started moving at a normal pace and got faster and faster you began moaning quietly knowing if you are too loud the boys would hear you. As you were close he slammed into you hared than ever before. He made you scream his name out and he keeps hitting your g-spot. You scream your name out as you came. Not long after you came he did too. You both pulled your trousers back up and went back downstairs ”Really guys my bathroom” Liam said making you blush and hide your face in Zayn’s chest ”would you rather it be your couch?” he asked making you giggle ”No I guess the bathroom is fine” Liam said ”I love you Blair” he said to you and of course you told him you love him too and you all finished the movie and ordered some take out.

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